June Lust Haves

I’m going to say something that will shock you right now. There isn’t, once again, a huge amount of stuff on my wish list this month. SHOCK!

Now, I’d like to say that’s because all this adulting is starting to rub off on me, but honestly? It’s just been so darn sunny that the little spare time I’ve had this month has been spent making the most of being outside, and shopping has been the furthest thing from my mind! Well, not the furthest thing, exactly, because these little bits and pieces managed to find their way onto my radar…

If there is one thing I can’t justify buying right now, it’s another gingham dress. But this one is just sooooooo lovely:

June 18 Lust 2
‘Pauline’ Dress, Bright & Beautiful @ Collectif, £73

Gingham is one of my favourite prints for Summer, and I’ve been wearing it pretty much none stop lately. To be able to achieve such a feat means I obviously have more than an adequate amount of gingham in my wardrobe, but that doesn’t stop me hankering after this sweet little lilac number by Bright & Beautiful @Collectif. Because LILAC. And isn’t that reason enough?? It is pretty much just the £73 price tag that has deterred me so far. But for how long…?

Similarly, I don’t need another striped top. And yet….:

June 18 Lust 1
‘Marina’ Tee, Joanie Clothing, £25

Recently I accused Joanie Clothing of wiretapping my thoughts and now they have gone one step further – they are actually mocking me now. I mean, producing a top that is basically irresistible to me, and printing a slogan literally telling me not to buy on the front – slow clap, Joanie. They have me completely figured out. I want it so bad, despite the complete irony of the situation. WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME SO???

Finally, something else I don’t need:

June 18 Lust 3
D’Orsay Shoes, Zara, £49.99

I mean, that’s debatable. Who DOESN’T need teal satin shoes with bows and beads on I ask you??? Well, most people I guess, because they aren’t really the most practical of shoes are they? Yet I love these Zara flats with a frightening ferocity. I’ve been finding myself leaning towards flats more and more lately, but the urge to be dressed up to the nines at all times remains strong in me and I seem to be going for fancier ones each time. You can’t really blame me though, can you? What beauties!

And so far that’s pretty much it! Because all I really want now is a cold G&T, a sunny spot in my garden and a weekend where I don’t have any work or other plans to be getting on with! And maybe the shoes…

What have you been lusting after this month?



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