Outfit: Pink & Grey

Ah, pink and grey. Two colours that, historically, probably weren't all that often considered as the same context as each other. Except perhaps when talking about elephants. Anyone else?? No?? Just me then... Righty ho.... Anyway.... It just wouldn't have been a combination that easily sprang to mind. Pink has always been considered such a [...]

Outfit: Shopping My Closet

It's hard to believe it now that the leaves are falling and the air is decidedly chilly, but there once was a time this year when it felt like the hot weather would never end. (Yes, I've forgotten what that felt like, ALREADY!) Plenty of people took to social media to bemoan how terribly awful [...]

Outfit: Mint & Coral

I feel like Joanie Clothing might be wiretapping my brain or something. I know that probably sounds extreme, but I can't really think of another reason why they have suddenly become quite so adept at taking all my money this year. Not even stealing my money. Just asking very nicely for it in such a [...]