Outfit: Hippy Chic

It isn't all that often I find myself with a gap in my wardrobe (both figuratively and literally...) My wardrobe is pretty much full to bursting and as much as I like to think up creative ways of justifying new purchases all the time, I think we all know I've pretty much got all scenarios [...]

Outfit: All The Flowers

I've always been a fan of prints, particularly florals. There is something about an intricate design, or a striking combination of colours that can draw me right in in a way even the most perfect of cuts can't. In my younger, less savvy years, I would frequently find myself buying things I just couldn't wear [...]

Outfit: Casual Pastels

Aw, well that was a nice little two days worth of Summer we just had, wasn't it?? Yep, after a glorious weekend of 20 plus degrees last week we're back to single figures again. Not the cheeriest of forecasts. I am NOT in the slightest bit thrilled about needing a coat again after just a fleeting [...]

Outfit: About That Bow…

Hmmm, seems like we're having a bit of a black and red theme this week! That's actually all a bit of an illusion though, because while I genuinely did wear Tuesday's outfit quite recently, this one was actually worn MONTHS ago, waaaay back in October for Dan's Birthday dinner! It was a bit of a [...]