Outfit: Blue and Green


Remember the Louche Jacqui dress I was struggling not to buy in the sales? Um, I actually did buy it, I just forgot to tell you….

I hadn’t got around to wearing it yet, partly because it’s quite a summery print and the weather just hasn’t been behaving, partly because for some reason it’s the kind of dress I’d pictured wearing to work really. But when I headed away for a couple of days last week without much idea of what my plans might end up being, I wanted to pack a pretty frock I could wear out to dinner, but that wouldn’t look too dressy in case the place we ended up wasn’t a frock and heels kinda place. Thankfully, it was, but I’m glad I remembered Jacqui as I now will be making far more effort to wear her more often.

It’s classic of the shape I look for in a dress – very similar to Lindy Bop’s Audrey but with little sleeves and, my favourite detail, a ribbon at the waist band with two sweet little double bows either side. Like most of the Audrey’s I own it is made of a lovely stiff fabric which means that even without a petticoat the skirt stays nice and full and rarely creases. While it’s a pretty, summery print, the heavy fabric also means it will lend itself just as well to being worn in the Winter with boots, so it’s a great all rounder.

The shoes I actually wanted to wear with it were annoyingly packed away in storage and it was only at the last minute I remembered my Carvela ‘Australia’ peep toes which were the perfect match. Right now though, I’m seriously struggling to understand how I could possibly have forgotten what were one of my favourite pairs of shoes for the last couple of summers. I am actually quite disappointed in myself – please forgive me, Australias, I will never, ever forget you again, I promise!

BlueandGreen 3AustraliaBlueandGreen 2Me (5)BlueandGreen 4Bow



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2 thoughts on “Outfit: Blue and Green

    1. Aw thanks! Funnily enough I have another post in my drafts about that old clashing colours rule! I’m a little obsessed with envelope clutches too, everytime I see one in a new colour I feel compelled to buy it! X

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