New Shoes: Ted Baker ‘Adecyn’


I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I joked in this post on Friday how unlike me it is not to have been obsessing over shoes or trying not to buy them. I thought that was bad enough, yet today I realised I bought an amazing pair of shoes a whole three months ago and they are yet to feature on this blog. What the hell is that about??

In fairness, I have tried. I have worn these three times now since getting them back in February, but the fact is, they’re just such special shoes that the outfits I tend to wear them with are pretty dull and I appear to have deemed them all ‘un-blogworthy’ so far. It’s actually quite hard to capture their true beauty on film, and in all the outfit shots I’ve taken with them featured, the detail has gotten lost in the background, so I’ve decided to give up trying for now and simply show them close up in all their glory!

To those that aren’t familiar with these treasures, they are the Ted Baker ‘Adecyn’ pumps I featured a while back here. The ‘Adecyn’ style is pretty much the perfect pump, with a classic pointed toe, a heel high enough to look sophisticated, but not too high to walk in like a lady, and rose gold metal details on the heel and toe to avoid scuffing up that lovely pale satin. Ted Baker have released the style in multiple variations now – usually a gorgeous floral print – but this rose print in mint, pink and baby blue has been by far my favourite. It isn’t often a design this big and bold could be described as subtle, but the pretty pastel hues used make these look delicate rather than gaudy. They of course also sport the signature gold sole that all Ted Baker heels have, which I’ve always loved thanks to the way it makes them look far more expensive than they actually are. They are a little hard to style – they do look best with a plain outfit so that they get the attention they deserve – and pale satin shoes and an English Summer are not exactly a match made in heaven, but I’m head over heels with them and find myself wanting to wear them most days, rain or shine.

AdecynTapas 9

They so nearly weren’t mine too. I picked them up for the bargain price of £39.99 in TK Maxx on my trip to Liverpool for my Birthday in February. Having lusted over them for pretty much a year I thought I’d imagined it when I first spied them stood on the end display of the shoe section. My excitement was short lived though, as I soon discovered, after excitedly turning over every pair, that there were no size 5’s left. Zero. I turned them all over again, just to be sure, and scrutinised the rest of the shelves in case a pair had been abandoned there, but nope. There was not a size 5 in site. Gutted was an understatement. As I began to retreat with a heavy heart though, I remembered something. I already own a very similar pair of Ted Baker shoes – the Luceey Pumps – which although a favourite pair of mine, are a little narrow and snug in the toe. Perhaps it was worth giving the size 6 a try? And wouldn’t you know, it was a perfect fit!

And so I became the owner of what I think might be one of the prettiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen. I might not get much chance to wear them in this rainy weather, but they certainly manage to bring a little Spring to my day!



These particular pumps are sadly not available (though you can always try your luck on eBay) but these aren’t too disimilar!

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