Fantasy Friday – Casadei Techno Blade Sandals

So, last week’s fantasy shoes were rather cute and ladylike weren’t they? The very picture of demurity, despite the whimsical bow and polka dot print! I’m still rather sweet on them, let me tell you, but this week I’ve decided to feature something a little different. Completely different, actually! The total opposite in fact!

Enter the Casadei Techno Blade Sandal:

Techno Blade
Techno Blade, Casadei, £670

Isn’t she just glorious?? There is something a little nostalgic about this shoe for me – it’s a bit of a hark back to the sky high sandals I lusted over when my shoe obsession really started to take hold years ago. And that bold blue and green colour combination? It’s almost a little bit noughties (‘colour blocking’ – remember ‘colour blocking’? All anyone talked about was ‘colour blocking’!) but without all that horrid clumpiness. Let’s face it, nothing could look clumpy with that beautiful, sleek blade heel that Casadei have become so famous for, could it? And yet despite the vague feeling you’ve seen them before, they also have a very futuristic feel to them thanks to the metallic details in the back and the sharp edges. They almost look industrial! Innovative and modern, yet elegant and classic, both at the same time? That’s a tricky feat to pull off, yet Casadei have managed it with ease in this design.

I’m a little surprised to realise that I haven’t actually featured a Casadei shoe here before, and I can’t for the life of me think why! I’ve been a longtime fan of the label since I first saw the now signature blade heel a few years back, and I’d love to own at least one pair – I’m pretty sure they will go down in history as an iconic style. A quick look around their new arrivals tells me there actually aren’t many of their styles that I wouldn’t wear, to be fair. Sadly, the price tag that comes with a shoe this beautiful is likely to keep that fantasy from becoming a reality, but we can but dream, can’t we?

And I’ll definitely be dreaming about these beauties tonight!



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