Saturday Shopping – Gorgeous Gingham

Ah gingham. The one Spring print I probably haven’t talked about in any great depth yet, which is surprising really since I’m rather partial to it. It’s a contentious print, I know. Plenty of my friends aren’t keen because it reminds them too much of school uniforms and is therefore a little too childlike for them, but I quite like that. There is something that makes me feel a little whimsical and carefree when wearing it, and I can’t help but find an item instantly ‘cute’ if it’s sporting a gingham print. Of course, it is also frequently likened to picnic blankets and table cloths – but I’ve never let that stop me rocking my favourite checkered Audrey dress!

Gingham enjoyed a bit of a moment last year,which I took full advantage of, but this year things have changed a little. Gingham is definitely back for another season, but it’s been a little harder to find something I love. Gone are the girly pastel gingham prints of last summer, and in their place are far more of the classic red, black and blue prints that perhaps are responsible for the school connotations.  An awful lot of it also seems to be attached to those enormous ruffles I told you I can’t pull off, which is a little off putting. Still, if you are willing to spend hours trawling the Internet like I am, you will eventually find that there are actually still plenty of lovely, non-trendy pieces out there, so I thought I’d save you the hassle and write about them here. What can I say? I’m just great like that. So without further ado…..

Top Row: Zara Trousers, £29.99 – New Look Dress, £27.99 – Warehouse Pencil Skirt, £42 – Chicwish Skirt, £34.78

Second Row: New Look Sandals, £19.99 – Joanie Clothing ‘Ellen’ Dress, £40 – Collectif Earrings, £7.50 – H&M Dress, £34.99

Third Row: Dorothy Perkins Dress, £32 – Collectif ‘Tammy’ Skirt, £29 – H&M Top, £17.99 – New Look Flats, £10.99

Bottom Row: New Look Flats, £15.99 – New Look Dress, £24.99 – Dorothy Perkins Top, £12 – Collectif ‘Chloe’ Dress, £45.50

You may notice that Chicwish skirt was also on last year’s gingham round up, so it’s definitely a style that is here to stay! The main thing I noticed, however, is that despite this fact, I still don’t own it, which is an oversight I really need to rectify, obviously!

Till next year, gingham! Less ruffles next time though, yeah?





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