Moments of Weakness – June

Guys, June went badly on the spending front.

BUT – it was not my fault.

It was not my fault, because it was Oasis’ fault. They had a sale, and they discounted practically EVERYTHING, and they know full well I already wanted EVERYTHING because they wiretap my thoughts or something equally Inception-y, and then they had a sale. WHICH THEY BRAZENLY EMAILED ME ABOUT!! So clearly, it is their fault.

Before the aforementioned sale, which from now on we will just call THE BAD THING I was doing really well at being sensible. For starters, my first purchase of the month were these:

Weakness June.jpg

Yep, not just sensible shoes, but TRAINERS! Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the first pair of trainers I’ve owned. I had a pair I run in obviously, because exercising in heels would be pretty darn stupid, and a cheap pair of canvas sneakers for walking the dog and general casualness (yes, that is a real word according to spellchecker. I too am surprised!) but those have long worn out so I needed something new. I had decided I wanted leather ones rather than canvas so that they’d be harder wearing, but I was struggling to find some I liked. I was drawn to the retro Adidas shapes, because I wanted them to be completely white and not covered in logos (also, is it just me, but are girls trainers always pink or purple for some annoying reason?) but I wasn’t feeling great about spending that much money on shoes I knew I was only going to wear in certain situations – especially when they are just ‘fashion’ shoes after all, not actually for sport. Heck, it isn’t often I drop £80 on a pair of bonafide glitzy heels, never mind trainers! So the perfect pair had alluded me. Along came a work event though where I knew I’d be on my feet all day in a casual setting, so I popped into New Look hoping to pick up a dirt cheap pair of sneakers just as a placeholder when I spotted these and realised they were just what I was looking for, and just £20! Win!

The next purchase was these:

Weakness June 6

Remember how I wanted to buy those red wedges to wear to a friend’s Wedding? Well, in the end I decided that since I have a red polka pair instorage I should be sensible and go for something that fills a gap in my collection instead. Luckily H&M also had these gold ones, so job was a good ‘un as they say!

All good so far.

There were a couple of Primark purchases again:

Not feeling too bad about these though, because I’d already said I was going to bag the white top as soon as I found it in my size, and the cherry print blouse? Well, it was £6 so can’t really be cross about that now can I?!

That’s where it all got a bit silly though. That’s when THE BAD THING happened.

Enter the vast Oasis haul…..:

Yeah, I know. It started with a £20 Debenhams voucher that I forgot I had, and then spiralled a little bit. The white cardigan? 100% a useful and sensible purchase. The rest though? Blatant, frivolous decadence! What can I say? I have no defence.

I’ll try harder next month!



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