Moments of Weakness – August

So, that’s it. Summer is done. It is officially September and, as far as I’m concerned, the birth of all things grey and drizzly. I lived in hope that perhaps we’d have an Indian Summer and squeeze a little more sunshine out of the year, but no. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain drumming on the window, and it’s chilly enough that I dragged a jumper out of the depths of my chest of drawers. I’m wearing a jumper. You have no idea how much this disheartens me! No more sandals, and pretty frocks and going out without a jacket! Wah! If it weren’t for the fact I have a holiday coming up in 3 weeks I think I’d have just stayed under the duvet for the next week. Luckily I do have that holiday to look forward to, otherwise I’d lose my job and stuff…

So, other than what I’m sure is likely to be a handful of holiday purchases, this is most likely going to be the last time in 2017 that I show off any summery purchases. Sad times, my friends, sad times. Anyway, here’s what I succumbed to this month…

First up, I had myself a little splurge in Dorothy Perkins thanks to their generous extra 10% off sale discount. I’d love to say I headed there with the intent of using the treat to my advantage and picking up something sensible. This is me though, right? So I didn’t, I blatantly used the treat to treat myself. I’m pretty darn happy with the fruits of my labour though:

These high waisted pink trousers jumped out at me straight away as the ideal thing for me to wear to work – I have a large collection of smart trousers and I love them all, but I don’t know if I just have freakishly knobbly knee caps or something, but they all have a bit of a tendency to go baggy at the knees! I thought this crepey fabric looked like it would hold it’s shape well, and I was right – I’ absolutely thrilled with the shape and how they look on. My only gripe is that they aren’t lined and the fabric is quite thin, which means you have to be careful what underwear you wear under them (I had to change out of my navy knickers the first time I wore them!). I also have to be selective about what tops I wear with them as anything too bulky when tucked in ruins the line, but all in all I’m pleased. And Dotty P, if you can hear me, if you’d think about releasing these in a few darker colours, I’ll be your best friend for life! I also picked up these very pretty gold two part shoes. I’ve always considered gold a fantastic neutral, so I’ve been after a pair of gold shoes that I could wear for work (read – not strappy and with a fairly conservative heel height) and these are just perfect. So I’m actually going to backtrack on what I said earlier and state these a sensible purchase. Well, as sensible as a purchase as a pair of gold heels can be, anyway…!

Next up, and what can only be described as a moment of pure frivolousness, I somehow found myself in possession of these two lovelies:

Both of these are by Warehouse (you might remember the poppy print dress from this wishlist way back in February. I happened upon them completely by accident(ish) in the House of Fraser sale a couple of weeks ago. I mean, ok, I actually was there to try and track down one of the billion things I missed out on in the Oasis sale, but when I spied these for just £10 each I wasn’t going to let them get away! The short sleeve frock has already had an outing, and I think will serve me well all year round thanks to it’s ability to be worn bare legged or with tights, and I’m looking forward to that bright poppy print bringing some much needed cheer to my Winter wardrobe!

And on that note I’ll leave it there. There might be the odd Summer frock left for me to tell you about from my holiday shopping, but looks like it’s all knitwear and ankle boots from here on in. Weep for me!




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