Outfit: Festive Red

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Morning Friends!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas so far. I am writing this from my bed with the boy and the dog having finally had a delicious sleep in to counteract all the food we ate yesterday! It’s been a crazy few days getting organised, but today we get round two with my family so I can relax a little. And of course the first thing I do when relaxing is write a blog post…!  This isn’t my Christmas Day outfit, as always I’m as behind as ever and this is actually an outfit I wore to a Christmas meal with my team at the beginning of December. So yes, just like my holiday outfits, while you’re sick to the back teeth of festivities and hurriedly packing away the decorations I will be trotting out an endless stream of Christmassy ensembles. ‘Cause that’s how I roll!

So without further ado…

Red is a colour I like a lot. Not when I was younger – when I was younger I was all about ‘pretty’ colours, pastels, purples, teals etc. Primary colours were just a bit too bold for me. Then I got older and wiser and realised that red is basically the brunette’s best friend, and ever since have felt pretty awesome when rocking a bold, red outfit. As it happens though, I don’t actually own all that much red clothing. I own plenty of red accessories – bags, belts, more shoes that you can shake a stick at – but red clothes are actually a little scarce in my wardrobe. The pieces I do have are often are a bit fancier, like The Christmas Skirt or this pencil dress, so don’t get worn too often. As a result, when Christmas rolls around and I want to wear something festive that isn’t either a bit too dressy or a cheesy Christmas jumper, I find myself going through the exact same old combination of the few red bits I have.

This year I decided to make that a little bit easier on myself by purchasing a red top, namely this rather lovely camisole by River Island. I’m a huge fan of a basic cami vest, with them being my go to option when putting together that classic ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo. This one has turned out to be a great buy thanks to it’s generous length (god I hate it when they stop bang on the hips!) double layer (there is a time and a place to have your bra on show, and it’s probably not your work Christmas do…) and the cross strap detailing at the back which adds a little interest to an otherwise fairly plain top.

Festive Red 2Festive Red 5Festive Red 6Festive Red 3Festive Red 8Festive Red 7Festive Red 4

Of course, I had to pair it with the The Christmas Shoes, these bad boys come out at the first opportunity every year and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I did make a promise last year that I would try to wear them outside the festive season, and sadly – other than as part of this fancy dress outfit which I don’t think really counts – I have failed miserably. Maybe 2018 is the year? If not, we’ll always have Christmas!



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