February Lust Haves

Another month gone, another Lust Haves list!

Normally the rapid passing of time makes me feel dizzy and anxious, but at this time of year it only means one thing – that Spring, and then Summer, is on the way, so I don’t really mind one bit that February has been and gone without me hardly noticing! I’ve been longing for Spring for so long now, and now that we’re finally starting to see some crisp, sunny days and the first green shoots beginning to show, my mind has turned it’s back on knitwear and layers and firmly onto pastels, prints and all things floral. BRING ME ALL THE FLORALS!

Like this, for example:

Feb 18 Lust 5
Club L Tulle Skirt, now £35, ASOS

Embroidery is going nowhere, it seems, not that this is bad news to me. It’s a trend I’ve been fully on board with, at least when it comes to a feminine, floral tulle style like this Club L skirt! I love how detailed those delicate roses are, they really pop against the dark background, and while the pretty petals are perfectly appropriate for the burgeoning Spring, this will help it carry through to the colder months too (not that I want to think about that right now!)

Something that is most definitely more of a Spring Summer thing though…:

Feb 18 Lust 4
Sally Sandals, Topshop, £30

How adorable are these Topshop sandals?? I’m likely to fall in love with anything with a polka dot print, but when it’s on a shoe it’s all the sweeter. These would be the perfect accompaniment to a floaty skirt, or with jeans and a white blazer. I want them all kinds of bad….

Unfortunately, I also want these all kinds of bad…:

Feb 18 Lust 2
Gingham Shoes, £29.99, Zara

Yes, another monochrome printed shoe – I have promised myself to tone down the shoe buying habits since my little splurge last month, but Zara aren’t making it easy with these! Gingham is one of my all time favourite prints for Summer, and I have yet to own a pair of gingham shoes, so it’s almost like I NEED them….

One thing I definitely don’t need is more breton stripes, or more dresses, which is a bloody shame because…:

Feb 18 Lust 3
Fritha Dress, Joanie Clothing, £35

Yes, this Joanie Clothing Fritha dress may as well have been made especially for me. It is a dress I could wear both with and without tights. It has breton stripes. It has a Peter Pan collar. Goddamit, it is clearly meant to be mine! But where on earth will it live…??

Finally, check out this beauty:

Feb 18 Lust 1
Pleated Skirt, £49.99, Mango

For some reason, despite it being one of my favourite stores when I was younger, these days I completely forget to browse in Mango. Clearly that’s a huge mistake if this is the kind of thing I’ve been missing out on! Pleated skirts have been having one hell of a comeback this year, which is great news for me because I already have a couple of ancient ones I’ve never had the heart to part with. Doesn’t stop me lusting after new ones though, and up until now I was focussing all of my attentions of velvet ones, but then I spotted this one in the window of Mango last week and it literally altered my trajectory and dragged me inside! I’m crazy about the pastel green shade, which is making me yearn for sunshine something chronic, but also – POLKA DOTS!

Hmmm. I sense I may need to do some closet cleansing before I try to shop for Spring. It could be one helluva haul…



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