Outfit: Get Shirty

Shirty 5

I’ve waxed lyrical about the virtue of little printed dresses throughout the Winter months many a time, but one style that seems to have taken me an age to get onto for some reason is the shirt dress.

Perhaps it’s been my previous missguided beliefs that I couldn’t pull off casual dressing that led me to believe this classic off duty style wasn’t right for me, but ever since discovering that this was utter nonsense I can’t quite stop acquiring them! That is pretty standard Steph behaviour though to be fair – discover I like something, buy it in ALL THE COLOURS.

Much like the last one I posted, it was the plaid pattern that first attracted me to this little Primark number. Plaid is a great print for the colder months, but the lighter background of this one gives a wintery outfit a nice lift, particularly when paired with tan accessories rather than black, as I’ve done here. These are my all time favourite boots for casual weekend activities – they are actually by Office but they really managed to nail that vintage style I love so much.

When Dan told me we were heading to a log cabin for the weekend I knew there weren’t going to be fancy dresses on the cards, but I wanted to make the most of a special occasion (and potentially pretty outfit photo locations… we’ve always got one eye on the outfit photo locations, us bloggers!) by wearing something a little smarter than my usual weekend attire. So this dress seemed like the perfect choice! Laid back, comfortable, but still a little more ‘put together’ than the jumper and jeans I’d normally be rocking!

Shirty 7Shirty 8Shirty 9Shirty 6Shirty 3Shirty 1Shirty 10Shirty 4Shirty 2

As it transpired, there were LOADS of pretty outfit photo locations being set in some fishing lakes, but while we were very lucky with the weather in that we didn’t get much rain, it was too darn cold to go hunting for backdrops without a coat, so we made do with the little deck outside our cabin.

To be fair, it’s prettier than my own garden, so I’m considering it an upgrade…!



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