Moments of Weakness – June

Ah June. What a lovely month you’ve been. Aside from the whole work being crap thing, everything else about the month has been glorious – the weather, the weekend fun and of course, the point of this post, the purchases!

Things started on a huge high for me, shopping wise, because I finally bagged this beauty:

June 18 Weakness 3

I first fell in love with the Chloe Candy dress by Collectif last year, but it wasn’t to be as it sold out pretty darn quickly. I’ve been stalking eBay ever since to no avail, but finally my luck came in! I spotted a post on Instagram earlier this year promising to restock some of last year’s pieces again this Summer. I hoped it would include my dream frock and turns out, it did! The moment I spotted it was back in straight in the basket – I wasn’t going to miss out again! It is every bit as lovely in real life – I basically want to live in it. It rocks.

I also did something a little unexpected:

June 18 Weakness 5

Yep, I bought white jeans. Well, white jeggings, to be precise. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while, and when I saw Dorothy Perkins had brought out my favourite Edens in white I decided it was now or never. While I was there I picked up these rather darling gold sandals to replace my last pair which have finally given up the ghost and, shock, another pair of tassel earrings. Now, can I actually pull off white trousers? Can I get through a day without spilling on them? Probably not is my guess, but only time will tell…..

There have been a couple of little unnecessary splurges too, but nothing too crazy so I’m not feeling too bad about it! The first came courtesy of a trip to Primark (anther huge surprise there, huh?):

June 18 Weakness 4

I genuinely only popped in to pick up some plain white tees, but after the wrap dress success of last month I couldn’t resist having a little peruse and picked up these rather sweet little tops which are just perfect for Summer. Oh, and some tassel earrings, obvs….

I also stopped by H&M because there was just no way I couldn’t buy those gingham pants I featured in April:

I am completely head over heels with these trousers, and if it weren’t for the fact it has been too warm (just take that in for a moment will you. Too warm. For trousers. In England…) I pretty much would have lived in them I have an inkling you will be seeing a lot of these trousers come Autumn! I also grabbed this gorgeous, folky blouse that I’d been admiring for a while which was on sale. It’s made of the softest fabric and just right for keeping cool in the heat. Oh yeah, and because I seem to be intent on owning some in every colour going there were also a couple of pairs of earrings thrown in the mix…

Finally, there was this:

June 18 Weakness 8.jpg

Somehow it transpires that I’ve been carrying a £20 Debenhams gift card around since my Birthday. Weird, right? How on earth have I not spent that since February?? Anyway, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this gorgeous Mango polka dotted pleated skirt since the start of the year and regularly stop by to ‘visit’ it (yeah, I’m weird, I visit clothes!). On one such visit I realised Debenhams had it half price and the rest is history! Now that I have it I can’t believe I waited so long – it is beyond gorgeous and I don’t think I have ever had so many compliments on a piece!

So that was June! Kitchen planning has ramped up now so July is definitely going to have to be a scaled back month shopping wise, but given how thrilled I am with my last lot I’m not too concerned about that!

What have you been buying this month?



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