March Lust Haves

So, months keep passing, I keep buying stuff, and yet these lists keep writing themselves! It seems you really can’t have too many dresses. Well, you can. You can have so many dresses that there is no more room for any more and your clothes rail is creaking under the weight (which isn’t what has happened to me, by the way. I have loads of room. I just need to buy smaller hangers. Or a bigger house….). What I meant was, no matter how many you consume you will never stop wanting more. There will never be a day when you don’t spot something else that you didn’t realise you really needed until right now this second. Or not in my case anyway, you may have, well frankly more important things to worry about than skirts. Anyway, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been lusting after this month…

Well, after that pointless little introduction I couldn’t not start with a dress could I, and this one is the dress you’ve all been waiting for:

Candy Dress
Chloe Candy Dress, Collectif, £45.50

Okay, it’s the dress I’ve been waiting for ever since I wrote last month’s wish list, but I like to think you sit on the edge of year seat awaiting my updates with bated breath so just go with it. It’s the third time I’ve featured Collectif in a month, and the second time I’ve featured this exact print, but I make no apologies – I’m absolutely besotted with their Spring collection this year thanks to the clever use of pink, lilac and teal – such a fresh and different combination and the perfect way to welcome the sunshine! This print in particular really reminds me of a frock I had when I was little and I love how the pretty pastel tones offer so many different options for styling. I think this might actually be my favourite Collectif dress of all time – yes, even more so than ReginaI mentioned last week that I haven’t paid full price for a dress in ages, but this one might just be the dress to buck that trend!

That said, this one could also be a contender…..:

Caterina Dress
Caterina Pencil Dress, Collectif, £62.50

This gorgeous frock is also by Collectif. While I’m a huge fan of a wiggle dress I don’t have too many thanks to the fact they can look a little dressy, particularly midi length ones as they look far better with heels in most cases, however the shirt style of this one make it a little more versatile, and I simply love that retro rose print. Of course, it does also come in a full skirted version…. I could just get both and then all occasions will be covered! Boom!

Next up, another dress (see, I wasn’t kidding!) this time from New Look:

New Look Dress
Floral Tea Dress, New Look, £24.99

Shocker. It’s basically another tea dress. I even have a red floral tea dress already, so there is no excuse for wanting this one, except that this one is minutely different with it’s peekaboo cut out and sweet bow-tie. I’m not sure I’d quite have the guts to wear it here, but I’d happily prance around in it abroad, somewhere warm, and I have been prepping to book my next holiday, soooooo…..

Changing it up now and this rather gorgeous cami by Oasis:

Oasis Cami 2
Camisole, Oasis, £22

Like dresses, I have no shortage of camisoles, which are my go to Summer evening attire when I’m not feeling imaginative enough to think up anything other than a ‘jeans/cami/blazer’ combo. As with dresses, I have far more than the average person actually needs, and yet my head is frequently turned by a pretty print or extra detail. In this case it’s that lovely green colour that has caught my eye, which is basically the colour that trendy people paint their front doors and kitchens dontchaknow!

Finally, something else I have no need for:

Stripes Spotlight Skirt
Stripes in the Spotlight Skirt, Chicwish, £36.87

Yes, it’s back. That Chicwish striped satin skirt that I already have in 4 variations already. This newest version is a delightful pink, grey and cream colourway – which funnily enough us another set of colours trendy people are decorating their houses in, if Pinterest is to be believed! All jokes aside, it is a pairing I particularly like, and now this skirt has to join the pastel pink and baby blue versions I’m still struggling to live without!

And that, my friends, is that for another month.*

Till next time!



*Spoiler: it’s not. I wandered into H&M by accident today and found a load more skirts I can’t justify buying, so you can look forward to a whole other post about that…. I know, yet more cliffhangers. How will you cope in the meantime??

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