October Lust Haves

I’m feeling a little smug about this month’s wish list, because compared to my usual ramblings about pretty frocks and shoes this one is actually rather short, and unlike most months, I feel I’ll probably be pretty successful is resisting buying them. That isn’t to say this is all I’ve drooled over recently. We’re now starting to see my all time favourite things – party wear – start to trickle into the shops and trying not to be tempted by all that glitter and sequins will most likely only get harder over the next few weeks. But for now, while I rather like these items and would happily own them, as a dramatic change to the norm I’m not feeling like my life depends on it, so I feel we’re making progress!

To help me with this effort to reduce my frivolous spending habits I’ve also decided to take part in a new Instagram challenge set by @hollyjunesmith, #NotNewNovember. Holly has set a theme for each day of the month in the hopes it will encourage us to dig a bit deeper into our wardrobes and appreciate the things we already have, so I’m hoping it will help to curb any urges to acquire YET MORE THINGS! Wish me luck!

If I were in the mood to shop though, these bits would be tickling my fancy…

Firstly, this rather lovely, folky dress:

Oct 18 Lust Haves 1
Floral Midi Dress, Marks & Spencers, £45

We seem to be forever hearing about how good ‘ol Marks & Sparks is struggling to maintain it’s grip on the High Street, and I have to say, with the recent collections they’ve been producing and the number of smash hit ‘Instafamous’ pieces that have been selling out at speed, it’s hard for me to understand why? I’ve found myself drawn in there more and more lately – not just for the fashion, but also a rather lovely beauty range and an impressive selection of quality booze! It was actually this dress that I wandered in looking for most recently, which I’d spotted on a few of my favourite Insta friends, but decided the shape just wasn’t going to work on me. The above frock was right next to it though, and I’m rather taken with it! I don’t think I’ll be buying it, not unless I get rid of some other dresses first, because frocks is not a category I am lacking in, but still, it’s a very pretty number and I certainly wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to buy it for me (hint hint…!)

Similarly, I don’t need anymore of these really:

Oct 18 Lust Haves 2
Green Satin Midi, Primark (in store only) £13

But HOW PRETTY?? Pleated midi’s have been a love of mine for a while now, but they seem to be getting more and more popular lately and it makes it very hard to resist! Yes, you may well have noticed that it is remarkably similar to yet another skirt I featured only last month, but if anything, I actually like this far more affordable version even better – I fear with it being a Primark bargain this beautiful emerald green skirt is the most likely thing to make me buckle at such a reasonable price, but at least if I do I know it won’t go to waste. It’s a fabulous colour for Christmas, but a light, floaty midi is also a great Summer piece, so we’ll see….. I suspect these will all be snapped up double quick though so I better make a decision quickly!


Oct 18 Lust Haves 3
Trousers, H&M, £19.99

There is also a small chance these might work their way into the collection at some point, or at least something similar. Smart trousers are my favourite way to dress for work in those ‘in between’ stages either side of Summer and Winter and there is a gap that might allow for a grey checked pair in my wardrobe! I adore a high paperbag waist, but I have been leaning more towards wider leg styles lately, so the jury is out on these for now…

How have you been behaving this month?



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