November Lust Haves

First things first, this post is a lie. It is supposed to be all of the things I have been lusting after this month, and today I am featuring just 4 (which is almost double what I featured last month, to be fair, but still, just 4). Is that all I have been lusting after?? OH HELL NO! Of course it isn’t! It is my favourite time of the year in terms of clothing, because it is the one time of the year I have multiple opportunities to really get dressed up and wear all the sparkle I can fit about my person! So of course all of the shops are jam packed with gorgeous gowns simply dripping in sequins and embellishments, and I wasn’t ALL OF IT! But the truth is, I have a wardrobe full of perfectly festive occasion wear already – a lot of it only really getting it’s chance to be worn at this time of the year – so I genuinely can’t justify buying anymore. Ignoring it all isn’t easy though! So I’m pretty much avoiding shops right now! I’m not even joking – I probably could have made pretty good use out of all those Black Friday deals buying gifts for Christmas, but the truth is, I just didn’t trust myself! So today, instead of all the glamorous party gowns I wish I was buying, I’ve chosen instead to focus on the more sensible items that have managed to creep into my subconscious despite my best efforts…

Like this Joanie Clothing Tiggy dress:

Nov 18 Lust 1
‘Tiggy’ Dress, Joanie Clothing, now £27

This dress has been out for a little while now. Obviously, when I first saw it I loved it. It is polka dotted, for starters, and it is a long sleeved midi which seems to be my style of choice at the moment. Still, I didn’t really need any more polka dots, or long sleeved midi dresses, did I? So I told myself it wasn’t that exciting. I even wrote about it here – look how cute I was then, pretending I didn’t really want it! That was me on a good day. Later, when the bad days came, I was all, ‘NEED, SCHMEED!!! GET ALL THE POLKA DOTS!!!’ like a crazed fashion monster, and now it’s firmly back on my radar….

As is this:

Nov 18 Lust 4
‘Andromeda’ Dress, Collectif Clothing, £42

Ok, so I told a second lie. I said I was focusing on sensible purchases rather than fancy gowns, and this quite clearly falls under the fancy gown category! Some of you may remember the Collectif Andromeda dress from last year’s lust haves – I was very much in love with that gorgeous midnight blue gown, and had actually decided I was going to treat myself to it in the January sales, but as always seems to be the case for me, that was not to be as it proved impossible to get in my size. Well, it’s back, and now it has a green sister, which I love even more. I am feeling super furious at myself for promising not to buy any party frocks. I may have to make an exception for this one….

Back to the sensible things though, and these H&M trousers:

Nov 18 Lust 3
Paper Bag Trouser, H&M, £29.99


I have been a fan of high waited, wide legged trousers for such a long time, and am over the moon that they are back in style. They are comfortable, flattering and super smart, and possibly one of my favourite ways to do workwear, especially with a feminine blouse in a luxurious fabric. I already have a black pair, but alas, they are pretty old now and very much smaller than is comfortable to wear so it is probably time to hang them up for good and upgrade to a pair I can actually wear while eating/drinking/sitting! These are very likely contenders….

And finally….:

Nov 18 Lust 2
Silver Glitter Boots, Primark (In Store Only), £16

Come on, you know me well enough by now to know that the velvet dress was not going to be the most frivolous thing on the list, even though I stated I was being sensible…. These Primark ankle boots are utterly ridiculous, yet I still REALLY want them!! I got them in red in September and have been wearing them on rotation, so much so that I also recently picked them up in blush pink. Even I have to admit though that silver glitter will be tricker to wear. But when they are just £16?? Super hard to resist – especially as I have already been impressed with both the style and the durability for such a cheap shoe. They could maybe be my consolation prize for not being able to afford the So Kates??

Or maybe I should just have a word with myself and get back to Christmas shopping for other people…!



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5 thoughts on “November Lust Haves

  1. Hehe- I love your writing- I FEEL you on the “lust haves”… I have been feeling that way too this year. These dresses are amazing and those SHOES— especially for a New Years look- love them. Thanks for sharing, girl!

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