The Ones That Got Away…

I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that being patient and biding your time when looking for a bargain can really pay off, but be warned, there is a downside. Many a time have I fallen head over heels for something I thought was maybe just a little too pricey or frivolous, only to play a dangerous game of musical baskets and ultimately lose out when it goes out of stock for good. Of course it’s only when this happens that you realise they weren’t too frivolous at all, they were absolutely essential, and thus begins the endless eBay searching.

I have a number of eBay alerts set up for those elusive pieces. So many, in fact, that I had to create a Pinterest board to keep up with them all! There is an alarming amount of stuff on there really when you think about the lack of space I have to actually store any more clothes. In fairness, I actually go through them on a fairly regular basis and delete any that I’d forgotten about since they can’t be such a desperate need after all, but there are some that will never be considered ‘no longer required’. Here are the pieces I truly regret (spoiler: there are lots of shoes……)

HM Red Dress

This stunning H&M frock is the only one of these in danger of being cut. Only a tiny bit, mind. See, it would have been number one on my list of must have dresses at one point, but since I found myself the proud owner of The Best Birthday Present Ever, which is also red and not too disimilar a shape, it feels like a slightly less urgent requirement. I do also already own this dress in three colours already (seen here, here and here) but the truth is – I’d buy it again. I’d also buy the navy version that is sadly missing from my collection, but it’s the red that’s the real scene stealer, and I’ll rue the day I missed out on it forever more.

Kurt Geiger Jasmine

Sticking with red, and next on the list are these Kurt Geiger ‘Jasmine’ heels. Again, it’s not like I don’t have this shoe in other variations. I have two pairs of ‘Dolly’ heels which are Jasmine’s sequined siblings, and even a pair of red glitter heels. You would think one pair of red glitter shoes would be enough, but there is something about Jasmine that I just can’t get out of my head. I mean, if you haven’t already thought ‘ruby slippers’ when looking at them then I’m seriously questioning your childhood. It isn’t just that though. For starters, my boring old red glitter shoes don’t have bows on. So there’s that. Then my green Dollys, while gorgeous, can be very tricky to style. And my black ones? Yes, I love them. But they just aren’t…. well they just aren’t ruby slippers, ok?? And that’s all the justification I need!

Zara Blouse

Straight onto something more sensible then, and this pretty Zara blouse from last Summer. I don’t need any blouses, let’s just get that out there right away. But remember the baby blue phase? Well, this blouse appeared in the middle of that and let’s just say the fire has never burned out… Also: Polka dots.

Louche Kiah

Talking of last Summer, remember this little number? Me too. The Louche Kiah Lemon Dress haunts my dreams. The saddest thing is, I had the chance to buy it. I said right here at the end of the post that I was struggling to decide which dress to buy. I actually had it right there, in my basket, but no. I bought Jacqui instead. And don’t get me wrong, I love Jacqui, I do. But I still can’t quite get my head around why I didn’t just buy both damn dresses. The eBay trawl will just have to continue, because despite the fact lemon prints also seem to be in right now – I’ve seen lemons at Zara, Collectif and even Asda already this year – but none of them come close to Kiah. Oh, except this one, but we all know that’s never happening….

Zara Satin Shoes

Moving swiftly on, because I’ll cry if I keep thinking about that damn dress, and these gorgeous yellow satin heels by Zara. I first spotted these on the dainty feet of Amber over at a few years ago and it was love at first sight. Amber had a battle of her own getting her hands on a pair it seems, which should have been a sign I guess, because I never did manage to snag a pair, though I did have a few near misses – I’ll never forget the time I watched some heartless b**** toss them carelessly aside then nearly run them over with her pushchair. Lucky for her, they were a size 7 or there would have been trouble. Still makes me angry to this day though.

ASOS Southy Heels

Lastly, yet another pair of shoes with ASOS Southy, and this pair particularly aggrieves me because it’s not even like they were expensive. They were cheap as chips, and I’ve always wanted a pair of nautical striped shoes forever (well, I have plenty of Breton stripes to wear them with so it really does make sense when you think about it), but somehow, perhaps because they weren’t out of this world amazing and covered in bows and sparkles, I just forgot to buy them, and by the time I remembered it was too late. I kind of want to say I was having a tough time of it last Summer, but frankly there is just no excuse for such sloppy shopping, and I’ll just have to live with the consequences.

So there’s my (ever growing) list. What are your biggest non-purchase regrets?



P.S – I’m only just now seeing what a perfect match the Zara shoes are the the Kiah dress! I think this makes it worse! THEY MUST BE MINE!!!

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