Pssst…! Sale Tips – Extra 25% off @ Collectif

Ah sale season. My favourite time of the year, especially the Summer sales! Unlike the January sales, where stores seem to manage to drag all kinds of crap out of the hidden realms of the stock cupboard for you to trawl through, and every girl and her bestie want to fight you for whatever you’ve found, the Summer sales just seem more civilized somehow. When  was younger I relished the idea of ransacking a table in Zara that looked suspiciously like a jumble sale to see what bargains I could find, but these days I just don’t quite have the energy, so the slightly less chaotic Summer sales are more inviting for me. The reduced items are more often from recent stock, making them relevant for the current season, and since that season is Summer, all those bright colours and prints lined up together on the sale rail are just so alluring! It’s a wonderful yet dangerous time to be a shopaholic! I try to avoid the overwhelming temptation to suddenly fill my wardrobe with items I’m only likely to wear on holiday by staying online rather than in store, but there is always someone out to get you, and this year it’s Collectif.

Collectif’s sales are already pretty darn tempting as it is. Their range sits in that annoying category of affordable and well worth the money, but just that little bit more than you can justify spending on yet another dress that you don’t actually have room for, so any kind of discount is welcome. As I’ve written before though, they also operate a far more enticing discounting system to their sales – it’s rare there is simply a blanket reduction on everything, and the more items start selling, the cheaper they get. I’ve managed to pick up some stunning items this way at the frankly ridiculous price of between £15 – £25, like this pair of lovelies at the start of the year, this pair last Summer, and not to mention my beloved Joanna and Regina dresses! There don’t seem to be any bargains quite that tantalising so far this year, but until midday tomorrow they are offering an extra 25% off everything – yes, EVERYTHING, including the sale – which makes pretty much ALL THE DRESSES AND SKIRTS seem irresistible to me right now. Especially this lot:

I didn’t actually mean to pick pretty much entirely teal items, that’s just how it turned out, but how irritating that they all go so darn well together! I’m just gonna have to buy them all…. Okay, maybe not all, but this is the second time I’m featuring that floral Caterina dress, so maybe just that one. Oh, and the Lucy cardigan. Oh seriously, just head over there now before I beat you to it.

I’m not joking….






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