Outfit: Overdressed As Usual…

Overdressed 1

Despite my protestations that I like to blend into the background and hate being the centre of attention, I do have a bit of a tendency to overdress for an occasion. I frequently feel a little self conscious and as though everyone must think I’m a bit of a wally because of the attire I’ve chosen for a perfectly casual occasion, but none the less I still find myself, all dolled up like a 50s debutante, popping to the shops or something similarly mundane. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said, ‘Oh, what a lovely dress, where are you off to??‘ and I’ve had to reply, ‘Um, nowhere, just walking the dog actually…!‘ I definitely own more frocks than I have occasion to wear, but what can I say? I just love me a frothy, full skirt, and I just can’t turn down an excuse to wear one, even if it is a little over the top!

No occasion brings out this urge in me more than a holiday! I don’t know what it is, because at a time when I’m supposed to be resting, making an effort with my clothing should probably be the least of my worries. I mean, 5 days out of every seven I have to look well kept and professional whether I feel like it or not, so you think I would relish the chance to slob around in jeans. But no. When I’m on holiday, everything feels celebratory, especially if the sun is shining, and I just always feel like I need to match that feeling by wearing something ‘nice’.

This was one such occasion – the first full day of our trip to Somerset. It was one of those lovely days that stretches out in front of you, seemingly endless, where the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you damn well please. We decided to head outdoors with the dog for a long walk and an explore – because I love a bit of an unplanned adventure – and innocently wandered out into the surrounding countryside to see what we could find. Admittedly, I think in my head, this country stroll was going to involve more woodlands, picturesque villages and maybe a nice riverside stroll than muddy country lanes, cows and farmyards, so I thought the frock I’d chosen might be perfectly appropriate, but farmyards is what we found, and yes I did feel a touch daft, and yes, the cows looked a little bemused, but at least I didn’t have heels on this time…..!

To be honest, I don’t think I could ever regret wearing this dress, because I think it might just be the best dress I’ve ever owned. Maybe even a tiny bit better than Regina. It’s the other Lindy Bop Matilda that I mentioned in this post, and while I did love that one, this one just edges it to the top spot thanks to it’s slightly thicker fabric and it’s bicycle print, which is whimsical but not too kitsch. I had to battle to get this dress too which always helps a garment to win a special place in my heart I find. Right now I’m thinking this could me my dress of the year, but who knows? We’re still only halfway through!

Overdressed 5

Overdressed 2Overdressed 7Overdressed 9Overdressed 4Overdressed 3Overdressed 6Overdressed 11Overdressed 12Overdressed 8Overdressed 10

In other news, how much have Bonnie’s posing skills come along?? She’s outdoing me in these pics! She’ll have her own blog soon!



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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Overdressed As Usual…

  1. I used to have a dark blue Anthro dress with white bicycle print on it, I absolutely loved it and paid full price..!!!! After two children it didn’t fit me across the waist or bust so I had to part with it but I can admire your LindyBop one instead. You look lovely, who cares if you are overdressed as long as you are comfortable and happy x


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