Outfit: The Vintage Boots

Vintage Boots 1

See, I told you. When I said you were going to see more sweaters over shirts, I really wasn’t kidding. Because that is what I do. I try something. I like it. I buy it in every colour! That isn’t technically true in this case – as per most of these posts, these are all items I’ve owned for quite some time, I’ve just never worn them together before. Coming back to that point though, some of these pieces are much older than others, namely, the boots.

I’ve always favoured the style and shape of vintage boots over modern ones, at least when it comes to flat, casual ones, anyway. There is just something about the soft, slouchy shape and a slightly beaten, worn in look that appeals to me more, but it isn’t often replicated. Every now and then you strike it lucky and find a high street version that you could almost pass off as vintage, but it just doesn’t seem to be en vogue anymore, which is a crying shame. Although it does make them a little cheaper to come by! My love of vintage boots started back in my early 20’s, when I thought I was super cool. Vintage just meant second hand back then, and picking up the perfect pair of 1980s slouch boots was easy as pie. Then it got trendy – thanks a lot Kate Moss – and suddenly you couldn’t find any in charity shops any more, because Urban Outfitters stole them all and were flogging them for £50 a pair! Luckily for me, those days have passed and I’m able to go back to scoring bargains on eBay again!

Vintage Boots 2Vintage Boots 5Vintage Boots 6Vintage Boots 4Vintage Boots 9vintage Boots 7vintage Boots 8Vintage Boots 3

Which is exactly how this pair became mine. I actually bought them a couple of years ago, but for some reason I didn’t really wear the last year – probably because I’d fallen in love with these L K Bennett boots and wore them all Winter long so they didn’t get much of a look in! I rediscovered them this year though, and have found myself turning to them more and more while the weather has been so pants. Though they do have a downside – being circa 40 years old, they aren’t the most durable – I don’t think I’ve found a pair yet that has lasted me more than 2 or 3 Winters, and this pair look to be going the same way. They are now bordering on tatty, and during our latest snowfall I noticed my feet were feeling a little damp so it might be time to start thinking about looking for a replacement.

I don’t think I’m ready to give up on vintage though, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for me!



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